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Security monitoring system

Breaktronic security monitoring system
  • Electronic trip unit for cable brakes
  • Fuse protection against overspeed in the upward direction
  • Protection against departure of the lift with open doors
  • Operational for line-conducted lifts with speed from 0.25 m/s -7.5 m/s
  • Admitted for the following brakes of the company Bode: Typ SB200, SB330, SB380

Technical Data

Mechanical Data

Housing Material

Evaluation unit: Aluminium
Distributor box: plastic material

Housing dimensions

Evaluation unit: L x W x H = 170 x 125 x 73 mm

Sensor cable length

3,0 m

Cable length between
box and strip terminal

2,0 m


Evaluation unit: ca. 1440 g without cable
Cable: ca. 60 g per meter

Electrical Data

Electrical Network

Power supply

230 V, 115 V (optional)


50 Hz to60 Hz

Power input

25 VA (all relays energized)

Fuse of the power line

max. 16 A

Power input compressor

max. 8 A

Fuse of Breaktronic system

160 mA, delay

Solenoid Valve

Power voltage

Corresponding to the power line (see above)
230 V oder 115 V (optional)

Safety Circuit

Voltage safety circuit

max. 230 V, suitable for DC
as well as for AC

Power safety circuit

min. 5 mA, max. 500 mA
with closed safety circuit

Fuse safety circuit

max. 2 A


Rated speed

min. 0,25 m/s, max. 2,5 m/s




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