Position detection on hydraulic cylinders

Non-contact and wear-free measuring systems for the position detection and monitoring of fixed round rod profiles / piston rods on hydraulic cylinders. The systems consist of a magnetically coded piston rod and an application-specific sensor.

A major advantage of the magnetic-translatory measuring system is that the standard kinematics do not have to be changed, since the core hole of the piston rod is omitted and the adjustment of the body-borne sound, such as in the case of magnetostrictive systems, is superfluous. The piston rod itself becomes the scale by the magnetic method. The compact, space-saving read head is to be applied to the front of the cylinder. Since the cylinders do not have to be modified in design, the systems are also ideally suited for retrofit applications.


mtm-i_02.jpg Magnetic translational measuring system MTM-I

measuring system with one track coded piston rod and sensor