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MTM-A Magnetic translational measuring system Absolute Position detection on hydraulic cylinders

The MTM-A-000 measuring system is based on the physical principle of magnetism and is used for high-precision detection of position, distance and/or speed. The contactless and thus wear-free working absolute measuring system is suitable for fixed round rod profiles - for example with non-rotating piston rods on hydraulic cylinders in mobile automation.

  • Absolute position / path detection on round profile rods
  • Wear-free, contactless measurement principle
  • Very robust and proven measuring technology
  • Insensitive to contamination
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Interface: Analog output or CANopen
  • Power supply 10 … 30 VDC
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Mechanical Data

Measuring principleabsolute
Repeat accuracy± 1 increment
System accuracy

± 1 mm at max. 2,450 mm measuring length (standard)
Distance sensor - round rod1.0 with 10 mm wide coding
1.5 with 20 mm wide coding or all-round coding
Round rod diametermin. 20 mm
Housing material sensor headaluminium, galvanized
Dimensions sensor head
(L x W x H)
52 x 16 x 30 mm
Available round rod diametersaccording to ISO 3320
min. 20 mm .... max. 360 mm
Available cylinder diametersaccording to ISO 3320
min. 40 mm .... max. 4000 mm
Measuring lengthmax. 2450 mm (available in 10 mm steps)
Connectionsstandard: open cable ends
optionally:5-pin M12 x 1 round connector
Sensor cable length1.5 m standard, others on request, drag chain suitable
Sensor cable bending radius60 mm
Sensor head weight ca. 50 g without cable (cable: approx. 60 g/m)

Electrical Data

Power supply voltage10 ... 30 VDC
Residual ripple10 ... 30 VDC: < 10%
Consumption10 ... 30 VDC: < max. 150 mA
Available interfacesdepending on order information:
12 bit analog output (voltage) 0.5 ... 4,5 V
12 bit analog output (voltage) 0 ... 10 V
12 bit analog output (current) 0 .... 20 mA
12 bit analog output (current) 4 ... 20 mA
CANopen standard (DS406)
Max. operating speed2.0 m/s

Environmental conditions

Storage temperature-25 ... +85 °C
Operating temperature-25 ... +85 °C
Humiditymax. 95 %, non-condensing
Protection class (entire system)standard: IP65 / optionally: IP69K


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