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Mini Shaft information system LIMAX1M position detection up to 90 m conveying height

The pseudo-absolute shaft copying system offers not only the smallest sensor in the entire LIMAX series, but is also a particularly cost-effective solution for the detection of conveying heights up to 90 meters.
During commissioning, a one-time referencing is required, which must be requested by the lift control. LIMAX1M is then auto-referencing, i.e. the system automatically detects the absolute position after a travel of 240 mm. Flexible mounting options ensure simple and fast mounting during initial installation or when the measuring system needs to be replaced.

  •     Fits into the smallest gap - extremely compact design
  •     Attractive price
  •     Low power consumption
  •     Pseudo-absolute shaft information system
  •     Connection via  RJ45 or Mini-USB 
  •     Simple assembly
  •     Suitable for cloud applications
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Mechanical Data

Measuring principlepseudo-absolute
Repeat accuracy± 1 increment
System accuracy
in µm at 20 °C
± (1000 + 50 x L), L= measuring length in meters
Reading distancecorrect distance is guaranteed by guidance
Housing materialplastic
Housing Dimensions
(L x W x H)
82 x 68 x 30 mm
Required magnetic tapeAB20-80-10-1-R-D-15-BK80
Basic pole pitch (magnetic tape)8 mm
Max. measuring length90 m
ConnectionsRJ45 socket (standard) or Mini USB socket
Sensor cableexternal network cable or USB cable required
Weightapprox. 60 g without cable

Electrical Data

Power supply voltage10 ... 30 VDC resp. 5 VDC with USB interface
Residual ripple< 200 mVpp
Current consumptionmax. 100 mA
Interfacesstandard: CANopen DS417,
otional: CANopen DS406 or USB with standard protocol
on request: SSI, RS485, RS422
Resolution1 / 0.5 / 0.25 / 0.125 / 0.0625 mm
Speed4 m/s (other on request)
Cycle period250 µs

Environmental conditions

Storage temperature-25 ... +85 °C 
Operating temperature-10 ... +70 °C, -25 ... +85 °C on request
Operating heightmax. 3,000 m above sea level
Humidity95 %, non-condensing
Protection classIP43 (standard)