LIMAX2CP Safety Sensor shaft copying and safety functions in one housing

  • Detection of the absolute cabin position up to 130 m and safety-relevant switching and control functions in one housing
  • Numerous elevator and safety functions can be implemented: overspeed, final limits monitoring, ETSL, delay, door zone functions, unintented car movement UCM, inspection and start-up functions according to EN 81-20, 21 and EN 81-50, testing for unintented bridging of car and landing doors
  • Complete safety mechanism is electronically designed
  • Compact design, also suitable for the smallest installation spaces
  • High cost savings through elimination of components in the shaft
  • Safety functions can be adjusted  flexibly to the lift system on site
  • Advantages of magnetic tape technology: insensitive to dirt and smoke, quick installation
  • Quick and uncomplicated installation
  • EU type-tested according to EN 81-20, test according to SIL3 according to EN 61508

PRESS RELEASE The Next Generation - New compact safety sensor

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Measuring principleabsolute, redundant
Repeat accuracy± 1 increment
System accuracy in  µm at 20 °C± (1000 + 100 x L), L= measuring length in meters
Distance sensor/ tapecorrect distance is guaranteed by the magnetic tape guidance
Housing materialaluminium
Housing dimensions
(L x W x H)
374,5 x 120 x 40 mm
Required magnetic tapeAB20-80-10-1-R-D-15-BK80
Basic pole pitch (magnetic tape)8 mm
Max. measuring length130 m
Connections Wago connectors for supply, CAN interface, digital inputs and safety circuit
Sensor cable PIO, SCAstandard length 3 m, others on request
Weightapprox. 980 g without cable, cable: approx. 60 g per meter


Power supply voltage10 ... 30 VDC stabilized, 48 V on request;
Note: a PELV power supply must be used!
Residual ripple< 100 mV
DZO output+24 VDC - 20%, max. 200 mA (push-pull)
Rev. polarity protectionintegrated
Current consumptionmax. 150 mA at 24 VDC
InterfaceCANopen CiA 406 or 417
Resolutionconfigurable up to 62.5 µm, factory setting: 1 mm
Max. operating speed6 m/s
Digital input voltage18 ... 30 VDC for HIGH level (48 V on request); open for LOW level
Safety circuit0 ... 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz (max. 250 VAC), max. 2 A; with resistive/inductive load with L/R < 40 ms
External supply of eSGC-actuatoraccording to supply voltage; restrictions for connected trip coil must be observed


Max. operating time20 years
Reaction time of actuators< 30 ms


Achived SILSIL3 (TÜV-certified) according to EN 61508
Fulfilled standardsEN 81-20 / EN 81-21 / 72 (fire brigards)
Type-examinationEU type examination acc. to EN 81-20, SIL3 test acc. to EN 61508, Chinese standard TSG T7007-2016


Storage temperature-20 ... +85 °C 
Operating temperature-20 ... +65 °C
Humiditiy95 %, not-condensing
Operating heightmax. 2000 m above sea level
Protection classIP43, IP54 or IP65 (acc. to EN 60259)
Interference emission/ immunityEN 12015 / EN 12016
Vibration/ shock resistanceEN 60068-2-6, EN 60068-2-27,
EN 60068-2-29