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Determination of the exact position of the saw shaft

In order to determinine the exact position of the height-adjustable saw shaft, the company Paul relies on the measuring system EMAX2 with SSI interface

Paul Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, headquartered in Dürmentingen, in the south of Germany, has been specialized in the development and production of circular saws for industrial woodworking. In addition to CNC cut-to-length systems, the so-called double-edged circular saws are offered, which are used in sawmills for solid wood processing. In addition, Paul is always concerned when it comes to cutting sheets, such as chipboards or MDF boards, but also many other materials such as plastic or insulation materials, into strips. Paul is active worldwide. In addition to numerous other customers, one of the most famous is IKEA.

The further develoment of the so-called K34 multi-blade circular saw was presented to the public at the trade fair for woodworking machines LIGNA in 2017. The M34 seperates plates in the pass with a maximum width of up to 3 m. In order to achieve particularly good cutting qualities, the saw shaft, on which the saw blades are clamped, can be adjusted in height. Up to now the saw shaft height was read by the operator on a scale and set manually. With the introduction of the M34, the saw shaft height should now be displayed digitally on a programmable controller (PLC) and also be started directly via the PLC.

In order to determine the exact position of the saw shaft, Paul relies on a measuring system of ELGO - type EMAX2 with SSI interface. A special feature here is that the saw shaft or the M34 does not move linearly up and down, as is to be expected, but follows the movement of a circular path. The output signal is processed accordingly in the PLC.

Paul is very pleased that the integration of the measuring system from ELGO has worked without any problems and is hoping for a further fruitful and  constructive collaboration.

Succesful integration of EMAX2 with SSI interface on the height-adjustable saw shaft of multi-blade circular saw from the company Paul.