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Trainee excursion to the Thyssenkrupp test tower in Rottweil

At the start of training, ELGO once went up high, namely to the Thyssenkrupp test tower - Germany's highest viewing platform.

Together with the apprentices from the second and third years of apprenticeship, four new trainees and a student visited the test tower in Rottweil. At a speed of eight m / s, the panoramic elevator first climbed 232 meters to the viewing platform. The new trainees were able to get to know a product from ELGO in the application right away. The TWIN lifts are equipped with our LIMAX shaft information system. In this case, detects a mounted on the cab sensor, the cabin position and passes it to the controller on. Further safety-relevant switching and control functions can be made available. Interesting, however, were the other topics of the tour guided by tower manager Beate Höhnle, such the presentation of the MULTI - the first lift without ropes.

Azubis von ELGO Electronic im Testturm Rottweil