P40 Controllo di posizionamento compatto per 1 o 2 assi per vari applicazioni

  • versione disponibile a 1 o 2 assi
  • display LCD
  • di facile utilizzazione per l'operatore
  • guida del menu in più lingue
  • disponibile uscita analogica  PID Corsa di riferimento
  • funzione manuale, singola operazione d'impostazione e memoria programmabile  


Richiedi prodotto


Housingpanel housing
Housing materialfront plate: aluminium, housing: galvanized steel sheet
Front plate dimensions (W x H)144 x 144  mm
Housing dimensions
(W x H)
136 x 136 mm
Panel cut out (W x H)138 x 138 mm
Keyboardfoil, short stroke keys
Installation depth40 mm (without connectors), 74 mm (with connectors)


DisplayLCD dot matrix 120 x 80 pixels with white background lighting
Hardware32 bit microcontroller with 1 MByte flash and 56 KByte RAM
Program memoryup to 1.000 steps, more on request
System accuracy± 1 increment
Power supply voltage24 VDC +10/-20 %
Current consumptionmax. 150 mA (unloaded), permitted total current (incl. self-consumption): 1 A
Encoder supply voltage24 VDC or 5 VDC
Load by encoder / measuring systemmax. 130 mA
Input signals (measuring system)HTL, TTL, analog (order designation)
Signal channelsA, B, Z, resp. A, A', B, B', Z, Z' or analog 0 ... 3.3 V (order designation)
External inputs16 x digital PNP inputs, assignment and logic are freely programmable
Input current / pinmax. 10 mA
Min. pulse time for inputs300 ms
Max. input frequency100 kHz, higher on request
Analog inputsoptionally 1 ... 2 analog inputs (12 bit) at 3.3 VDC measuring system supply
Output signals16 digital PNP outputs, assignment and logic (active high/low) are freely programmable
Output currentmax. 15 mA per output / 500 mA total current across all outputs, the outputs are durable short circuit proof (no multiple short circuits)
Freewheel clutch/outputsfor inductive loads integrated
(clamping voltage at the output max. -45 V)
Analog outputsoptional: ± 10 V PID or ± 10 V unregulated (each 12 bit)
Connectionsindustry standard connectors (3.81 mm grid, lockable) and additional RJ45 sockets (depending on version)
Power down memoryE²Prom (service life: 1.000.000
switching on/off cycles or 40 years)
Further options8 =  only 8 instead of 16 digital in- and outputs
AccessoriesNG13 power pack (primary: 115/230 VAC secondary: 24 VDC /600 mA), relay card RP8 with 8 changeover relays (28 VDC/250 VAC / 12 A), interface cable


Operating temperature-0 ... +45 °C 
Storage temperature-20 ... +50 °C
Humiditymax. 80 %, non-condensing
Protection class (front)IP43 (installed state)
Protection class (rear)IP00