strumento lineare guidato Sistema di misurazione di lunghezza magnetico incrementale per le presse piegatrici

  • misurazione assoluta
  • auto-guida ad alta qualità con sensore integrato, guida con banda magnetica
  • misurazione di lunghezze fino a 1 metro
  • ad alta risoluzione (1µm)
  • Facoltativamente, segnali a onde quadre incrementali (A, B) e segnali seno-coseno (1 Vss) per il controllo dinamico del movimento
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Mechanical DATA

Measuring principleincremental
Repeat accuracy± 1 increment 
System accuracy in µm at 20 °C

pole pitch 5 mm: ± (25 + 20 x L), pole pitch 2 mm: ± (20 + 20 x L), L= measuring length in meters

Distance sensor / tapefixed by guide carriage
Sensor housing materialsensor head: zinc die cast, guiding unit: aluminium
Housing dimensions
(L x W x H)
guide carriage: 80 x 55 x 33 mm,
guide rail: (150 + measuring length) x 55 x 20 mm
Required magnetic tapeMB20-50-10-1-R (> 0.001 mm resolution),
MB20-20-10-1-R (at 0.001 mm resolution)
Pole pitch5 mm (if resolution > 0.001 mm),
2 mm (at 0.001 mm resolution)
 Max. measuring length 1 m
Connectionsopen cable ends, connectors optionally
Sensor cable1.5 m standard length, others on request, drag chain suitable 
Sensor cable bending radius60 mm
Weightapprox. 620 g at 330 mm measuring length


Power supply voltage10 ... 30 VDC or 5 VDC
Residual ripple10 ... 30 VDC: <10 %, 5 VDC: ± 25 mV
Current consumption10 ... 30 VDC: max. 50 mA,
5 VDC: max. 100 mA (with unloaded outputs)
Output signalsA, A', B, B', R, R'
Output levelsHTL or TTL
Output current per channelmax. 20 mA
Resolution (at 4 edge evaluation)up to 0.001 mm
Index pulse reference pulse with adjustable position 
Max. output frequency per channeldepends on selected resolution
Operating speeddepends on selected resolution

Environmental conditions

Storage temperature-25 ... +85 °C
Operating temperature-10 ... +70 °C, -25 ... +85 °C on request
Humidity95 %, non-condensing
Protection classsensor head: IP67, mechanical parts: IP54


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