banda magnetica MB20 | AB20 con codifica incrementale o assoluta

layout banda magnetica

A  il nastro di copertura viene utilizzato per la protezione meccanica della banda magnetica e viene incollato sulla banda magnetica dopo l'installazione

B  la banda magnetica è in plastica

C  protegge da danni meccanici e riflette le onde magnetiche per aumentare il campo magnetico della banda

Richiedi prodotto

mechanicAL DatA

Linear extension (relative)?L = L x ? x ??, L = measuring length in meters, ?? = relative change of temperature in °K, based on 20 °C room temperature
Coefficient of extension 16 x 10 –6 1/K
Bending radiusmin. 150 mm
Available widths10 mm ± 0,2 mm, 20 mm ± 0,3 mm, 5 mm ± 0,1 mm (on request), 2 mm ± 0,1 mm (on request)
Thickness1.8 mm ± 0,1 mm (tape layout R), 1.5 mm ± 0,1 mm (tape layout A)
Max. available  lengthincremental: standard roll 32 m (up to 70 m on request)
absolute: up to 600 m (others on request)

 Electrical DatA

Pole lengthsee type designation
Number of trackssee type designation
Influence of external magnetsexternal magnetic fields must not exceed 64 mT (640 Oe; 52kA/m) at the surface of the magnetic tape. Higher values will damage or destroy the magnetic tape code.
Magnetic fields > 1 mT at the measuring system has negative influences on the accuracy of the system

Environmental CONDITIONS

Working temperature range0 ... 70 °C 
Operating temperature range-20 ... 85 °C
Storage temperature-40 ... 95 °C
Operating heightmax. 2000 m above N.N.                   
Humidity max. 80 %, not-condensing
Protection classIP67

Magnetic Tape Cover Profile

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