New LIMAX 1-2-3 CP series

As the name suggests, the latest Limax Compact (LimaxCP) series by ELGO is a new generation of safety sensors that detect absolute shaft position and speed and offer additional safety functions in a more compact casing.

The Limax1CP is the smallest sensor in this series. Its features include door bridging and safety circuit outputs as well as the following:

  • Smallest dimensions: L x W x H = 254x74x38 mm
  • Door monitoring
    • Retraction with doors opening
    • Readjustment with open doors
    • UCM (via opening of the safety circuit)
  • Shaft end
  • Pre-disconnection in case of overspeed
  • Optional delay at shaft end
  • Casing protection concept up to IP53

This sensor is particularly suitable for tight shafts, as no other modules are required and the inputs and outputs may be connected directly to the sensor.

Another innovation is the fully electronic disconnection up to 250Vac without relay technology, which reduces dimensions further and made it possible to increase the robustness of the sensor at the same time. Resistant towards shocks and vibrations, it may be installed at a safety circuit voltage of 250Vac for an operating height of up to 2,000m above sea level (up to 4,000m above sea level with a reduced safety circuit voltage of 110Vac).

The safety functions of the Limax33CP, currently in series production, have been fully integrated into the design of the new Limax2CP, making the design of the new Limax2CP and Limax3CP significantly smaller than that of the Limax33CP (LxWxH 354x136x54 mm vs. Limax2CP/3CP mit LxWxH 374.5x120x40 mm). Compared to the Limax1CP, the Limax2CP has additional safety features:

  • Triggering of an electrically operated safety gear, including reading function (e.g. of an engaged bolt or similar)
  • Pre-disconnection in case of overspeed
  • Test functions for safety brake and ETSL without the need for bridges
  • Range of UCM functions
  • Separate inspection function of shortened shaft head/pit
  • Prevention of safety brake being triggered during inspection mode, even if the car is positioned in the reduced protection area
  • Integrated casing protection concept for IP54 and IP65
  • Automated test for unintentional door bridging in the door circuit

In addition to all the functions of the Limax2CP that were described above, the Limax3CP also provides more safety functions as well as three additional safe inputs and one additional safe output. This means that additional, customised features may be realised upon request.

While the Limax1CP and its connection design were developed with cost-efficiency in mind, the Limax2CP and Limax3CP series uses strain-relieved plugs with an additional protective cover, which, in addition to IP54, also enable a protection class of up to IP67 with an additional fixed seal on the plug connection. This provides protection against ambient influences, including the operation of firemen’s lifts and external elevators.

The process of commissioning and traceability is also an important safety component to which ELGO has dedicated a great deal of attention. The LimaxCP series provides a highly flexible, straightforward configuration process in order to generate correct parameter settings. ELGO gives customers the option of purchasing the LimaxCP without parametrisation, thereby significantly reducing inventory costs and increasing the reaction time of on-site service staff. The required safety parameters for elevator systems are thus only implemented at the time of installation. There are three options available for the programming of safety parameters:

  • At the ELGO site - parameter settings must be communicated when the order is placed
  • At the customer site - before delivery to the elevator system via a programming tool
  • On-site, where the elevator system is used - via control system using CANopen

    All three processes are secured by the configuration process. The parameter settings are drawn up by the customer in the ELGO intranet and are protected against incorrect entry by 32 Bit CRC. To activate the sensor, the technician only has to enter the CRC code on the sensor into the control system for verification. Each sensor comes with a QR code on its front that may be scanned using a mobile phone and which contains the most important safety parameters.

    The Limax1CP and Limax2CP will be launched at the Interlift 2022 trade fair.

    Liftjournal 06/2021

    New Limax 1-2-3 CP series

    New Limax 1-2-3 CP series - safety sensors to detect absolute shaft position