LIMAX | LIMAX SAFE Shaft information and Safety systems for Elevators

LIMAX - Absolute detection of the car position in the Shaft

Since 2002, the  ELGO Group has been active in the development and production of magnetic-tape-based measurement systems for car positioning in elevator systems. ELGO Batscale AG ind Liechtenstein acts within the ELGO Group as a competence center for the further development of this technology. Thanks to continual development and consistent fulfillment of relevant standards ELGO Batscale has succeeded in expanding the market leading position of ELGO. So that elevators throughout the world can safely reach the desired floor.

The concept is simple: A sensor mounted on the elevator car detects the current absolute car position using Hall sensors, which read the magnetic tape mounted in the shaft without any contact. The proven magnetic tape technology has considerable advantages over alternative measuring methods. By directly detecting the cabine position in the shaft, typical measurement errors caused by rope slip or dynamic rope effects (rope expansion) are avoided. The system is also characterized by an extremely robust design and best measuring quality, even in unfavorable ambient conditions. Contaminations as typically occuring in the elevator shaft, like dirt and moisture and even the occurence of dense black  smoke do not affect the measurement result - a significant advantange over optical systems.


To satisfy functional safety requirements, the LIMAX absolute car position measurement sensors - from the LIMAX33 RED series onwards - are fully redundant and thus can be used for safety-relevant applications up to SIL3.
Therefore, safety-relevant switching and control functions that depend on the position and the speed of the car can be implemented in the software.

The safety-relevant functions include:

  • end terminal speed limiting 
  • end limit and inspection end limit switch function
  •  door-overbridging and premature opening of doors when entering the floor
  • protection against unintended car movement with open doors
  • triggering of safety gear at overspeed

With LIMAXSAFE shaft information and safety systems, a considerable number of formerly mechanical components and subsystems in the shaft can thus be dispensed with. The installation, cabling and adjustment of various switches and light barriers are no longer necessary. Maintenance and troubleshooting are also simplified.
LIMAX SAFE systems are available for hoisting heights up to 1,500 meters and speeds up to 18 m / s.

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