Sensor solutions for mobile automation

Reliable positioning in mobile work machines

For precise and reliable position detection and monitoring in the field of mobile automation, ELGO offers contactless, wear-free sensor technologies. Depending on the task (length / distance, angle detection) a suitable combination of magnetic tape or magnetic ring and sensors of different designs can be selected from a wide range of magnetic measuring systems. Furthermore, tilt sensors (inclinometers) are available for detecting one or more-dimensional inclinations. Torque sensors for the exact measurement of loads and stress changes during the work process complete the portfolio.


 distance and angle measuring systems
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tilt sensors
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torque sensors

Magnetic translatory measuring systems for round rod profiles

For round rod profiles, ELGO offers measuring systems with magnetically coded piston rod and sensor for detecting and monitoring the length and position in various applications (e.g. hydraulic, mobile hydraulic, pneumatics). The system is suitable for fixed round rod profiles, for example anti-rotation hydraulic cylinders on piston rods.



mtm-i_09.jpg MTM-I

incremental measuring system / one track coding / CANopen, analog (current, voltage)