Accessories for magnetic maesuring systems

Complete measuring solutions by the right accessories.

Since 1998, the ELGO Group has dealt with the development and production of magnetically coded magnetic tapes and magnetic rings for the non-contact position detection. The production and further development of this technology is located at ELGO Batscale AG in Liechtenstein.

magnetband_01.jpg magnetic tapes

for the detection of lengths and positions / incremental or absolute coded / different pole lenghts


Magnetringe-Elastomer_Web.jpg Magnetic rings elastomer-based

for angle and speed detection / axial and radial versions in different geometries

Magentringe_Hartferrit_02.png magnetic rings hard ferrite

for the detection of angles and rotational speed / different diameters

endstueck_02.jpg end caps

fixation and protection

magnetic_tape_cover_profile_02.jpg Magnetic tape cover profile

aluminium cover profile for 10 mm magnetic tapes


fuehrungsschiene_02.jpg guide rail

for magnetic tape 10 mm and 20 mm / for lengths up to 2 meters

fuehungswagen_02.jpg guide carriage

supplement to the guide rail

ssi-profibus_converter_02.jpg SSI-Profibus-Converter

simple conversion from SSI to PROFIBUS connection