battery-powered Position indicators with incremental encoders

The battery-powered ELGO position indicators with incremental measuring system don't need any wiring and are suitable for linear or angle measuring, depending on type.

iz14e_02.jpg IZ14E

battery-powered mini position indicator / with fixed incremental sensor / resolution up to 0.01 mm

iz15e_02.jpg IZ15E

battery-powered  incremental measuring and display system / resolution 0.1 ... 0.01 mm / mains operation possible / version with  RS232 interface

iz16e_03.jpg IZ16E

universal measuring and display system / battery-powered / large 7-digit LCD display / resolution 0.1 mm / version with RS232 or RS485 interface

iz16e-600_02.jpg IZ16E-600

battery-powered measuring and display system / with integrated 868 MHz radio module / resolution up to 0.01 mm

iz17e_02.jpg IZ17E

battery-powered compact measuring and display system / large 2-line LCD display / either  7 or 8 decades

izbox-600_02.jpg IZBOX-600

evaluation and transmission unit with incremental encoder / integrated 868 MHz wireless module

HWD_display_01.jpg HWD15

battery-powered digital handwheel with  hollow shaft encoder / 1250 pulses per revolution