P4011 for one 1 axis compact positioning control

The controller is predestined for simple positioning applications in mechanical engineering and is designed for maximum efficiency.

  • LCD display
  • Manual operation
  • Single record operation
  • Relay outputs
  • digital switching outputs optional
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Housingpanel housing
Front plate dimensions (W x H)144 x 144  mm
Housing dimensions
(W x H)
136 x 136 mm
Keyboardfoil, short stroke keys
Installation depth40 mm (without connectors), 75 mm (with connectors)


DisplayLCD dot matrix 120 x 80 pixels with white background lighting
Hardware32 bit microcontroller with 1 MByte flash and 56 KByte RAM
Program memoryup to 100 steps, more on request
System accuracy± 1 increment
Power supply voltage24 VDC +10/-20 %
Input signals (measuring system)HTL, TTL, analog (order designation)
Signal channelsA, B, Z resp. A, A', B, B', Z, Z' or analog 0 ... 3.3 V (order designation)
External inputsmax. 5 digital PNP inputs, assignment and logic are freely programmable
Analog inputs1 analog input (10 bit) at 10 VDC measuring system supply
Output signalsmax. 5 relais or 8 digital PNP outputs or stepper motor signals, assignment and logic (active high/low) are freely programmable
Analog outputsmax. 2 analog outputs or ± 10 V unregulated, optional  ± 10 V PID)


Operating temperature0 ... +45 °C 
Protection class (front)IP43


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