Magnetic Incremental angle Encoders

The bearing-less angle resp. speed measuring systems are an interesting alternative to conventional rotary encoders. All ELGO sensors operate contactless and wear-free.

rmix2_02.jpg RMIX2

for the measurement of angles or rotational speed / pole wheels in different diameters / also suitable for linear measurements (magnetic tape)

mire1_03.jpg MIRE

detection of angle and rotational speed / 1.40625° resolution / up to 10,000 revolutions per minute / direct measurement on the motor shaft

kmix_rotativ_01.jpg KMIX2

0,025 mm resolution / also for linear measurements (magnetic tape)

magnetringe_05.jpg Magnetic Rings

can be combined with incremental sensors of the EMIX, LMIX and GMIX series as well as with battery-powered measuring and indicating systems of the IZ serie
linear encoders incremental
measuring and indicating systems incremental