measuring_systems_04.jpg Measuring Systems contactless linear, angle and rotary encoder technology
indicators2_01.jpg Position indicators measuring and display systems
controls_p40_03.jpg controls single and multi-axes positioning controls

ELGO has been developing and manufacturing length and angle measuring technology, rotary encoders, position displays and controlers for positioning tasks for four decades. Our products are used in a variety of industries, e.g. in machine tools for wood, metal and stone processing, in mobile automation, in medical technology, in the field of renewable energies and in elevator technology.

Applications and industry solutions

lift_02.jpg elevator industry shaft information and safety systems for the elevator industry
moba_02.jpg Mobile Automation contactless encoders and measuring systems for piston rods
medicine_technology_02.jpg medical and laboratory technology sensor solutions for precise positioning
engineering_02.jpg engineering measuring and positioning technology for engineering
renewable_energy_02.jpg Renewable Energies measuring and posiioning solutions
automation_01.png Automation encoder technology for industry 4.0

Trade Fairs

NAEC'S 68th Annual Convention & 2017 Exposition
Date:September 13 - 14, 2017
Site:USA, Orlando
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Date:October 17- 20, 2017
Site:Germany, Augsburg
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Determination of the exact position of the saw shaft

In order to determinine the exact position of the height-adjustable saw shaft, the company Paul relies on the measuring system EMAX2 with SSI...

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New representative in the Netherlands

Euro HÜBNER benelux from Venlo in the Netherlands takes over the ELGO Electronic representation for the Netherlands

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