battery-powered position indicators with absolute linear encoders

Absolute measurement and simultaneous display of lengths and positions. The complete measurement and display systems of the absolute serie AZ offer all these advantages and are completely self-sufficient and don't need any wiring thanks to battery power.


az14e_02.jpg AZ14E

battery-powered mini position indicator with absolute measuring system / resolution 0.1 mm

az16e_02.jpg AZ16E

absolute measuring and dispaly of positions / resolution 0.1 mm

az16e-300_02.jpg AZ16E-300

complete absolute measuring and display system / for up to 3 axes


az16i_02.jpg AZ16I

battery-powered position indicator with integrated absolute sensor / resolution 0.1 mm

az17e_02.jpg AZ17E

battery-powered display with absolute measuring system / large two-line LCD display