Incremental magnetic linear encoders in different resolutions

The incremental linear encoders allow contacless and wear-free measurements and represent a cost-effective alternative for many machine requirements and applications.

The unguided systems in combination with a magnetic ring are basically also suitable for angle measurements.


High resolution measuring systems up to 0.001 µm

cmix3_12.jpg CMIX3

NEW! high-resolution, super-fast & smart incremental measuring system /  configurable and programmable via cable in built-in state

hmix1x_05.jpg HMIX1X

1 µm resolution / ideal for precision motor feedback


emix1x_01.jpg EMIX1X

compared to HMIX1X larger reading distance possible / ideal for motor feedback

lmix2_lmix22_emix2_emix23_40.jpg EMIX23

high resolution 1 µm / small design / integrated evaluation electronics

gsi2_08.jpg GSI2

guided system / resolution up to 1 µm / for use in press brakes

pmix_08.jpg pmix

digital potentiometer / with sensors of the LMIX- or EMIX-series / can be combined with battery operated IZ measuring and display systems

plmix2_01.jpg PLMIX2

NEW! incremental magnetic sensor with CANopen interface

measuring systems up to 0.01 mm resolution

lmix1_emix1_11.jpg EMIX1

0.01 mm resolution / small sensor head / external evaluation electronics / encoder compatible square wave signal outputs in HTL or TTL format

lmix2_lmix22_emix2_emix23_41.jpg EMIX2

0.01 mm resolution / small sensor head with integrated evaluation electronics / 90° sensor mounting possible / for linear and radial measurements


lmix2_lmix22_emix2_emix23_42.jpg LMIX22

resolution adjustable to 2.5 µm / with index and optional reference pulse

measuring systems up to 0.025 µm resolution

lmix1_emix1_12.jpg LMIX1

25 µm resolution / extremely compact design / sensors and evaluation electronics are located in separate housings

lmix2_lmix22_emix2_emix23_43.jpg LMIX2

25 µm resolution / sensors and evaluation electronics are integrated in one housing

rmix_linear_10.jpg RMIX2

25 µm resolution / for highly dynamic applications / ideal also for rotary applications with high rotational speed


measuring systems up to 1 mm resolution

dmix3_04.jpg DMIX3

1 mm resolution / integrated evaluation electronics / reading distance up to 10 mm / freely selectable reference pulse


BMAX_web_25.jpg BMIX

quasi-absolute, battery-supported length measuring system / position detection even in de-energized state

Incremental measuring systems with SIN/COS signal outputs

lmix2_lmix22_emix2_emix23_45.jpg EMSC2

2 mm signal period / small design despite integrated evaluation electronics / vertical mounting position to magnetic tape possible

lmix2_lmix22_emix2_emix23_46.jpg LMSC2

5 mm signal period / small design despite integrated evaluation electronics / vertical mounting position to magnetic tape possible