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limax | limax safe shaft information and safety systems

Since 2002, the  ELGO Group has been active in the development and production of magnetic-tape-based measurement systems for car positioning in elevator systems. ELGO Batscale AG ind Liechtenstein acts within the ELGO Group as a competence center for the further development of this technology. Thanks to continual development and consistent fulfillment of relevant standards ELGO Batscale has succeeded in expanding the market leading position of ELGO. So that elevators throughout the world can safely reach the desired floor.

LIMAX shaft information system

limax02m_03.jpg LIMAX2M

absolute shaft copying / for hoisting heights up to 130 m / compatibel with nearly all common controls

limax02_03.jpg LIMAX2

absolute shaft copying / for hoisting heights up to 260 m /  speeds up to 10 m/s

limax22due_03.jpg LIMAX22 DUE

absolute and redundant shaft copying / for hoisting heights up to 260 m / speeds up to 10 m/s

LIMAX SAFE Shaft information and safety systems

limax33red_04.jpg LIMAX33 RED

safe shaft copying / SIL3 certified / in combination with a safe elevator control or evaluation unit safety functions can be fullfilled up to SIL3

limax33cp_03.jpg LIMAX33 CP

shaft copying and safety funcitons / safety-relevant switching and control functions are integrated in the housing

limax44red_03.jpg LIMAX44 RED

safe and absolute position detection up to 1,500 m / speeds up to 18 m/s / unguided and therefore noisefree technology

safebox_06.jpg Safe Box

electronic evaluation unit / can be used with LIMAX33 RED or LIMAX44 RED / up to 3 pairs of safety relays / up to 5 safe inputs, up to 1 output

safebox_05.jpg Safe Box L | XL

electronic evaluation unit / can be combined with  LIMAX33 RED und LIMAX44 RED / up to 4 pairs of safety relays / up to 29 safe inputs, up to 8 outputs


floor_sensor_03.jpg floor sensors

for the precise detection of door zones

tape_assembly_03.jpg Assembly sets for magnetic tape

for the easy and quick assembly in the elevator shaft

limix_03.jpg LIMIX

guided incremental measring system / for postions detection in elevators