Magnetic absolute encoders

These ELGO absolute measuring systems are suitable for rotary applications, e. g. measurement of angles or rotational speeds or as bearingless singleturn absolute encoders.

Besides the rotary systems listed on this page, the unguided ELGO absolute encoders for linear applications are  also suitable for angle measurements. A matching magnetic ring is used instead of the magnetic tape.

cmax2-rotativ-radial_09.jpg CMAX2

NEW! high-resolution angle measuring system in miniature design / up to a measuring length of 192 mm also suitable for length measurements / BiSS or SSI interface

fmax2_rotativ_01.jpg FMAX2

absolute measuring system with high measuring accuracy of 19 bit / ideally suited for motor feedback systems

rmax1_02.jpg RMAX1

singleturn absolute encorder / 4,096 measuring steps per revolution / with analog or PWM output