The selection of the most suitable encoder interface for a highly dynamic positioning application is difficult due to the many different interfaces. A…

Dieser Artikel ist erschienen in der Konstruktionspraxis / Ausgabe 11 Bei der Auswahl und Dimensionierung der Komponenten für hochdynamische Anwendungen sind viele Aspekte zu berücksichtigen. Eine besondere Bedeutung kommt dabei der Übertragung der Positionsinformation vom Sensor zur übergeordneten Steuerung / zum Antriebsregler zu. Aufgrund der hohen Anzahl an unterschiedlichen Schnittstellen ist eine technische Einordnung sinnvoll.Abgrenzung zu FeldbusschnittstellenVi...
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automatica 2022

SAVE THE DATE June 21-24, 2022 | Munich.

Visit us in Hall B5 | Booth 102.

SECURE YOUR FREE TICKETWrite to us at We will be happy to send you a ticket code for your free ticket.Here's what you can expect at our booth:MAGNETIC MEASURING SYSTEMSLearn more about our magnetic measuring systems for the precise measurement of lengths and distances as well as rotary and swivel movements.PRODUCT INNOVATIONSIn addition to our proven standard measuring systems, we will be presenting our latest product developments, which break...
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New Limax 1-2-3 CP series

As the name suggests, the latest Limax Compact (LimaxCP) series by ELGO is a new generation of safety sensors that detect absolute shaft position and…

The Limax1CP is the smallest sensor in this series. Its features include door bridging and safety circuit outputs as well as the following: Smallest dimensions: L x W x H = 254x74x38 mm Door monitoring Retraction with doors opening Readjustment with open doors UCM (via opening of the safety circuit) Shaft end Pre-disconnection in case of overspeed Optional delay at shaft end Casing protection concept up to IP53 This sensor is particularly suitable for...
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LIMAX2CP - Schachtkopiersystem

New shaft copying and safety system for elevators

The latest product in Elgo’s LIMAX series is the LIMAX2CP safety sensor, which combines recording of the absolute shaft position and speed and various safety functions in one housing. CP stands for compact.The new sensor is of especial interest for efficient shaft measurements. Even for a compact device, it is extremely small at 374.5 x 120 x 40 mm.Apart from conventional safety functions, such as overspeed, final limits monitoring and ETSL, LIMAX2CP also monitors the door...
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At the Interlift, Dr.-Ing. Stephan Rohr, Head of Development and Sales at ELGO Batscale AG, spoke about the safe shaft information systems of the…

In addition to the exact absolute position detection of the car, the SIL3 shaft copying systems of the LIMAX RED and LIMAX COMPACT series make it possible to eliminate additional components and switches. This means an extreme reduction of total costs as well as a reduction of installation and maintenance times.
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At Holz Basel 2019 we had the opportunity to present our products at the booth of Eigenmann.

The trade fair HOLZ (Wood) in Basel has been firmly anchored in the industry since 1957, making it the oldest trade fair in Switzerland. It is the largest and most important industry event for professionals in the woodworking industry in Switzerland and neighbouring countries.Many thanks to the exhibition team of Eigenmann for the friendly welcome!
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For every elevator the suitable solution. That's our mission. Visit us at interlift in hall 3 | stand 3150

In Augsburg we present our three magnetic tape based LIMAX product lines, which cover different requirements for shaft information systems and functional safety:LIMAX STANDARD: the STANDARD line comprises entry-level models for different hoisting heights. Due to their small design, the sensor systems are also ideally suited for modernization and retrofitting.LIMAX RED: the systems of the RED line are designed redundantly, in combination with a safe elevator control or...
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At the start of training, ELGO once went up high, namely to the Thyssenkrupp test tower - Germany's highest viewing platform.

Together with the apprentices from the second and third years of apprenticeship, four new trainees and a student visited the test tower in Rottweil. At a speed of eight m / s, the panoramic elevator first climbed 232 meters to the viewing platform. The new trainees were able to get to know a product from ELGO in the application right away. The TWIN lifts are equipped with our LIMAX shaft information system. In this case, detects a mounted on the cab sensor, the cabin position...
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ELGO at the Schwelm Symposium. The symposium takes place for the eighth time this year and is an exchange platform for the latest developments in…

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At our booth this year you can expect a solution for flexible and reliable format adjustment.

The quasi-absolute measuring and display system Z60-014 supports the machine operator during manual format changes and ensures complete control and process reliability with bidirectional transmission of the values between machine control and adjustment unit.You will find us in hall 16 | booth C13!Visit us, we are looking forward to seeing you.
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