Magnetic absolute linear encoders - high precision and safety

The absolute ELGO linear measuring systems with resolutions up to 1 μm are particularly suitable for dynamic machine applications, where precision and safety are required.

emax-hi_06.jpg EMAX-HI

high resolution 1 µm / for dynamic processes / ideally suited for use in linear drives

gsa_01.jpg GSA2

guided linear encoder unit / high resolution 1 µm 

nmax_03.jpg NMAX

with LED distance control / for measuring lengths up to 10 m / resolution 10 µm

emax_emal_04.jpg EMAX | EMAL

10 µm resolution / LED for distance detection / for measuring lengths up to 20 m

fmax_04.jpg FMAX

guided system / 10 µm resolution / designed for use in handling systems, storage and conveying applications

imax_05.jpg IMAX

pseudo-absolute length measurement / auto-referencing / resolution 1 mm / for measuring lengths up to 262 m

BMAX_web_01.jpg BMAX

quasi-absolute lenght and position detection / battery-backed