The history of ELGO and milestone in the product development

1977Foundation of ELGO Electric GmbH by Helmut Grimm in Rielasingen
1982First electronic counter with LED display, forward/backward-counting with auto-reset function and integrated power supply.
1985The microchip revolutionizes the hardware. The series 85P – a small, compact single-axis controller is presented at the Hanover Fair and captures the world market.
1992First linear magnetic length measuring systems in serial production - completely developed by ELGO. Unique features: smallest evaluation unit, measuring length up to 100 meter, accuracy 0.1 mm. The series MIX - at that time in design, size and prize a world novelty.
1997First battery-powered magnetic length measuring system. It can be operated continuously up to 12 months and is suitable for mounting on a guiding system and limit stop systems.
1998Foundation of ELGO Batscale AG in cooperation with Grapha-Optik AG in Balzers, Liechtenstein. At Batscale the magnetic tape is produced. Research and development in this area are focused there either.
1999First absolute linear magnetic length measuring system based on three coded tracks. The system is also suitable for measuring small radii. The series MAX is at that time in design and construction a real innovation.
2000Linear magnetic measuring system for elevators. One-track system for measuring lengths up to 600 m with an accuracy of +/-0,1 mm.
2002Foundation of subsidiary (ELGO Japan Inc.) in Aobaku - Yokohama, Japan
2003LIMAX is launched: a linear absolute measuring system for up to 1000 meter measuring length
2004ELGO is certified to ISO 9001:2000 for the first time
2008Establishment of a world-wide sales network with the foundation of subsidiaries in the USA and China.
2010First redundant length measuring system for elevators according to SIL2/SIL3 with TÜV approval (LIMAX RED)
2011At the interlift, LIMAX33 SAFE is introduced to the market. The safe shaft information system completely covers the requirements for cabin position measurement and the associated switching and control functions and thus replaces various switches and monitoring systems.
2012Introduction of the guided length measuring system GSI, a high-resolution alternative to the glass scale.
2013The high-resolution magnetic absolute measuring systems EMAX HI and EMAX RO for length and angle measurement complete the sensor program.
2015Launch of LIMAX33 CP on the Interlift: safe, absolute positioon detection and safety-relevant switching and control functions in one housing.