Motor feedback - Encoders for industrial drive technology

Our magnetic measuring systems enable precise and reliable positioning and speed detection even in very dynamic applications. They are therefore predestined for use on linear and rotary direct drives.

The non-contact, magnetic measuring systems meet the high requirements of industrial drive technology in terms of precision, insensitivity to external influences, shock and vibration resistance. The wear-free operation contributes significantly to increasing plant efficiency and thus availability.

Depending on the application, our sensors are equipped with magnetically coded linear (magnetic tape) or rotary (magnetic ring) measuring elements. In addition, we offer customer-specific solutions, for example in the form of houseless encoders (PCB solutions), which are predestined for very small and compact designs.

Encoders for linear drives and linear motors


High-resolution magnetic INCREMENTAL length measuring systems
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Magnetic ABSOLUTE length measuring systems
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Encoders for Torque motors


single-turn absolute encoder with 16,000 measuring steps/revolution


our high-resolution incremental encoders are basically also suitable for rotary applications 
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Magnetic Rings

In addition to a large number of standard sizes, we also offer customer-specific geometries. There are few limitations in the design of the magnetic patterns. Single or multi-track patterns, incremental or reference patterns, different design or number of reference marks, vernier patterns, coded key points or PRC patterns, everything is possible and can be customized.