Applications and industry solutions

ELGO measuring and positioning technology has been used successfully in many sectors for four decades. We offer solutions for different measurement tasks and applications: contactless, wear-free sensors and measuring systems for reliable and precise detection of lengths / angles / speed and inclination, digital mains-powered measuring displays, complete battery-operated measuring and display systems as well as positioning controls for one or more axes.

lift_03.jpg elevator technology

LIMAX | LIMAX SAFE shaft copying and safety functions

moba_03.jpg Mobile Automation

wear-free, robust measurement technology
solutions for monitoring piston positions on cylinders

medicine_technology_03.jpg medical and laboratory technology

precise positioning in medical and laboratory technology

engineering_03.jpg Mechanical engineering

measuring and positioning technology for sheet metal, wood and stone processing

automation_02.jpg automation

precise measuring technology for position detection in automation tasks

renewable_energy_03.jpg Renewable energy

measuring and positioning solutions for solar and wind power plants