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RMAX1 Absolute Single-Turn Encoder for Angle Measurement for direct mounting on a shaft

  • Small sensor
  • Absolute measurement
  • For usage with round magnet
  • Resolution 12 bit per revolution
  • Analog 0.5 … 4.5 V or PWM-interface
  • Direct measurement on motor shaft or axis
  • Contactless measuring principle
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Mechanical data

Measuring principleabsolute - rotative
Distance sensor / magnet1 mm, stronger magnets for longer distances on request
Sensor housing materialzinc die cast
Housing dimensions (L x W x H)30 x 12.5 x 25 mm
Required round magnetDRM-000-060-025 (Ø 6 mm)
Max. measuring range0 ... 360° analog, 0 ... 270° PWM, f = 200 Hz, other on request
 Magnetic field strength30 mT ... 70 mT
Type of connectionsopen cable ends, optionally with connector
Sensor cable1.5 m standard length, others on request,
drag chain suitable
Sensor cable bending radiusmin. 60 mm
Weightapprox. 40g without cable, cable: approx. 60 g/m


Power supply voltage5 VDC ( ± 100 mV) 
Residual ripple< 25 mVpp
Current consumptionanalog version: max. 10 mA, PWM version: max. 15 mA
Interfacesanalog 0.5...4.5 V or PWM f= 200 Hz
Resolution 12 Bit 4096 measuring steps per revolution

Environmental conditions

Storage temperature-25 ... +85 °C
Operating temperature-25 ... +85 °C
Humidity95 %, non-condensing
Protection classIP67


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