Z60-014 Quasi-absolute Measuring- and Display System for monitored manual adjustments of 1, 2 or 3 axes

The compact position indicator Z60-014 has a graphical LCD display which allows a comfortable and accurate reading of the actual position, target position and the difference (delta) of axes X, Y and Z on manual axis resp. format adjustments. Specific parameters such as offset, tolerance window and measurement unit (mm/inch) can be set individually for each axis. The operating mode of the display can be switched separately for each axis: actual position, target position and delta (difference between actual and target position).
A rechargeable battery cell integrated in the housing of the position indicator transforms the incremental measurement into a quasi-absolute measurement, as the current positions are permanently detected even in the de-energized state and further processed internally. 

  • Up to 3 axes at a glance during manual axis adjustment: Switchable display of actual position, target position and delta
  • Due to the internal accumulator, the actual position is detected permanently (even in de-energized condition)
  • Well legible graphical LCD display with units & symbols, e. g. directional arrows and sign for indicated positions
  • Specific parameters for each axis separately programmable, e. g. offset, tolerance window and measurement unit
  • With serial RS485 interface for PLC communication § 
  • Power supply 15 ... 30 VDC

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Mechanical Data indicator

Housing panel housing
Housing material aluminium
Housing dimensions (W x H) 72 x 96 mm
Panel cut out (W x H) 67 x 93 mm
Keyboard foil with short stroke keys
Installation depth 100 mm (with connectors) resp. 37 mm (without connectors)

electrical Data indicator

Display graphical LCD (80 x 120 pixel)
Measurement units mm or Inch
Accuracy ± 1 digit
Power supply voltage 14 ... max. 30 VDC
Reverse polarity voltage integrated
Current consumption max. 600 mA (incl. sensor load)
External inputs 3 control inputs 24 V, PNP
External outputs 3 control outputs 24 V, PNP
Interface RS485 for communication with PLC
Connections 1 x 5-pin and 1 x 9-pin Phoenix connector;
3 x 7-pin M9 round connector (sensors)
Power down memory FRAM for parameters
Battery operating time sensor supply up to 6 or 12 weeks after power-off (depending on selected mode)
Battery standby current approx. 160 µA
Optional accessories NG24.0 (external power supply)

mechanical daten (Sensor MS2060)

Housing material zinc die cast
Dimensions (L x W x H)

30 x 10 x 15 mm

Measuring principle magnetic, quasi-absolute
Required magetic tape MB20-50-10-1-R 
Magnetic tape pole pitch 5.0 mm
Distance sensor - tape max. 2.0 mm
Max. measuring length theoretically unlimited
Operating speed normal mode: max. 2.0 m/s
enery safe mode: max. 0.5 m/s
Connections 3 screwable 7-pin M9 round connectors
Sensor cable drag-chain suitable, 6-wire, twisted pairs and double-shielded
Sensor cable lengthe 1.5 m (standard), others on request
Cable bending radius min. 60 mm
Weight (without cable) approx. 30 g (cable approx. 60 g/m)

electrical data (Sensor MS2060)

Resolution 0.01 mm
Repeat accuracy

±0.05 mm

System accuracy  ±(25 + 20 x L), L=measuring length in ,eter

environmental conditions entire system

Storage temperature -20 ... +70 °C
Operating temperature

0 ... +50 °C

Humidity max. 80 %, non condensing
Protection class indicator front: IP43 (installed)
rear: IP20
Protection class sensor IP67
Influence of external magetic fields on the magnetic sensor external magnetic fields > 1 mT, whicj directly impinge upon the sensor, can affect the system accuracy


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