CMAX2 absolute miniature measuring system Extremely compact, flat & light

CMAX2 is a magnetic absolute miniature measuring system with up to 20 bit resolution, designed for measuring lengths up to 192 mm or for rotary applications with a diameter of approx. 61 mm. 

The flat housing, which is only the size of a thumbnail, houses the sensors and evaluation electronics. Due to its minimal size and low weight, CMAX2 is particularly suitable for integration in space- and weight-critical applications, such as position and angle measurement in robots, torque motors, servo motors, etc..

  • Space- and weight-saving installation solution
  • Magnetic absolute measurement with up to 20 bit resolution
  • Communication via BiSS-C or SSI
  • Additional incremental output signals (ABZ quadrature signals, 5 V TTL)
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MechaniCAL DatA

Measuring principle absolute
Measuring method linear, rotary
Repeat accuracy ± 1 increment
System accuracy at 20 °C ± (20 + 20 x L) L= measuring length in meter

Reading distance sensor-scale

pole width1.28 mm: 0.4 mm
pole width 1.50 mm: 0.5 mm
poe width 2.00 mm: 0.5 mm
Housing material hotmelt
Housing dimensions
(L x W x H)
24.2 x 16 x 6.6 mm
Requrired magnetic tape vernier, 2-track
Max. meausring length pole width1.28 mm: 163.84 mm
pole width 1.50 mm: 192 mm
pole width 2.00 mm: 256 mm
Connections 12 pin socket, Molex
Encoder cable 1 m standard length, shielded, twisted pair, control cable (other on request, max. 3 m)
Sensor weight approx. 2.7 g without cable


Supply voltage 5 VDC  ±5 %
Residual ripple <.10%
Current consumption approx. 65 mA 
Interfaces SSI, BiSS-C, ABZ
Output levels absolute: RS485 / RS422
incremental: Push Pull
Resolution- abs. up to 20 bit (depending on master period count)
Resolution- incr. 4 bto 262.144 counts (in steps of 4)
Max. operating speed approx. 25m/s (depending on pole pitch and configuration)

Environmental conditions

Storage temperature -40 ... +80 °C
Operating temperature -20 ... +60 °C
Humidity max. 95 %, non-condensing
Protection class IP60 (in connected status)
EMC interference emission / -immunity according to EN 61000

*provisional data



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