CMIX3 programmable measuring system HIGH RESOLUTION & SUPER FAST & SMART

The CMIX3 series is a magnetic measuring system for linear and rotation applications with the highest resolution and a travel speed of up to 100 m/s.
The high resolution makes the sensor compatible for applications where previously only optical measuring systems could be used.

Both the required evaluation electronics and an interface for programming various software parameters are integrated in the sensor head. This means that the system can be flexibly adapted to the needs of the application, and this can be done conveniently via cable even when installed.
An error display via RGB LED as well as the integrated error memory accelerate problem finding and shorten downtimes.
Thanks to the non-contact magnetic measuring principle, the system operates Completely maintenance-free and wear-free.

  • High resolution - up to 16 nm (X4 encoding)
  • Super fast - high output frequency of 32 MHz (counts/s)
  • Smart - customer-specific functions can be retrofitted by software add-ons
  • Fexible - parameters such as resolution, index pulse width, hysteresis, etc. can be configured via cable even after installation
  • Convenient - firmware updates in-field via cable possible
  • Robust - robust zinc die-cast housing, optimal EMC protection, IP67
  • High availability - error display via LED as well as the integrated error memory accelerate problem finding and shorten downtimes
  • Linear & Rotary - for linear and rotary applications 
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Mechanical DATA

Measuring principle incremental
Repeat accuracy ± 1 increment (at resolutions ≥ 1 μm)
Distance sensor / tape min. 0.1 mm
max. 1/2 x pole pitch
optimal: 1/3 x pole pitch
Sensor housing material zinc die cast
Housing dimensions
(L x W x H)
36 x 11 x 14.1 mm
Pole pitch 1 mm, 2 mm (standard), 2,5 mm, 5 mm
Max. measuring length theoretically unlimited
Connections D-SUB 9-connector
Sensor weight approx. 20 g 
Cable length 1.5 m standard length, others on request, energy chain suitable
Cable weight approx. 40 g pro meter
Bending radius (cable) min. 27 mm (rigid)
min. 54 mm (moving)


Power supply voltage 7 ... 35 VDC or 5 VDC
Residual ripple < ± 5 %
Current consumption < 250 mA (@UB = 5 VDC)
Output signals A, A', B, B', Z, Z' 
Output levels 24 V-HTL, 5 V-TTL, 5 V-RS422 (depending on selected supply voltage)
Output current per channel max. 150 mA (per differential channel)
Resolution (X4 encoding) 16 nm ...1.25 mm (depending on selected pole pitch)
Index pulse 1x per magnetic pole or freely selectable reference pulse
Max output frequency per channel per channel 8 MHz resp. 32 * 10^6 increments per second (at 4-edge evaluation) 
Operating speed < 100 m/s (depending on pole pitch and resolution)

Environmental conditions

Storage temperature -20 ... +80 °C
Operating temperature -20 ... +70 °C
Humidity max. 95 %, non-condensing (untested)
Protection class IP67


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